5 Floors Every School Needs

By Geoffrey Potts March 9, 2017

Flooring.  It is something so simple that most of us don’t give it a second thought except on the rare occasion it’s something truly spectacular.  Even in its simplicity, flooring is around us wherever we go.  We spend most of our time on top of it.  From sports to learning to entertainment, we expect our floors to be comfortable, clean and long lasting; that is what is required in a good floor.  We trust our floors to carry us safely and securely, while barely knowing anything about them.  Here is a list of the absolute best floors and why they are top tier.

Tarkett Sports Indoor

Tarkett Sports Indoor is a world leader in the sports flooring business and for good reason.  With over 130 years of knowledge and experience,  Tarkett offers a multitude of sports floor choices with synthetic cushion, rubber and wood.  Each of these floors has been developed and optimized for a specific type of activity or gym.  Getting exactly what you want is important and that is why Tarkett Sports Indoor stands out.  Whatever your need, there’s a good chance that Tarkett already has the perfect gym or sports floor of your dreams.


Bolyu has been satisfying its customer’s needs for almost 40 years.  The entire company has a very simple vision, for everyone involved in their carpet, from development to customer, to flourish.  Bolyu was the first carpet manufacturer to produce their own yarn thereby being the first to control virtually every phase of production, from raw materials to finished product.  They envision their flooring as an enriched soil, providing a solid foundation from which great things will be established. Bolyu is the perfect option for classrooms with health and safety in mind.

Rikett Quartz Tile

Did you know that in the 1950’s tile was made using asbestos?  While other companies were rolling out these floors, one innovative organization had a vision for a flooring that emphasized health and the environment.  The Rikett company found a way to replace the asbestos with quartz, an innocuous and abundant mineral.  Since then Rikett has been producing its Quartz Tile Flooring.  Since its conception it has been vastly superior in strength and performance to all other commercial composition tiles, including vinyl composition tile, and still remains the best choice for any tile needs.


At the end of the day we expect one thing above all others from the floors we traverse: our safety.  A non-slip safety flooring made from recycled PVC material, Eco-Grip makes the bold claim that it is the final solution to all flooring problems.  While this may be debatable, the impact, puncture, heat, fire, and chemical resistant material is nigh indestructible, easy to clean, and comfortable to walk on.  The non-slip material holds friction even when it’s wet eliminating the need for bulky kitchen safety mats that are hard to clean, and hard on the eyes.  With all these solutions put into one product, the final flooring solution is closer than you may think.

Mats Inc.

Commercial flooring is a major investment that is expected to last into the decades.  To guard the beautiful floors from dirt, grime and smudge marks, mat entry systems are the answer.  Mats are the best way to preserve your floors, but lets face it, mats are not the most exciting thing in the world.   Mats Inc. takes care of these concerns while providing safety, noise control in halls, and protection from heavy traffic of hundreds of people.  Aesthetics is also emphasized, from their generic designs blending in with your floors, to customized logos to show off your school pride.

Flooring Resources Inc. is a material supply source here in Southern California.  We offer a diverse range of product selection of commercial and sports floors directly from the manufacturer.  By working directly with Flooring Resources, it allows you to negotiate the best pricing on any commercial flooring that you may need for your project.  This also allows for a more competitive bidding platform and purchasing advantage.

We are a single source resource for commercial and sports flooring. Flooring Resources offers a Mobile Showroom, which in one stop, can show you all the project samples you would ever need to review.  With next day service from a representative, Flooring Resources makes your convenience paramount.

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