ESD Flooring Incorporates Interlocking Technology

From a handheld computer to a 747 airliner, production facilities rely on a low static environment to ensure the world flows both safely and smoothly.  ESD flooring is the technological cornerstone of any industry that requires electrostatic discharge protection and just like any technology, it continues to advance.  One of these latest advancements is the modular interlocking flooring.

Modular ESD tiles being installed.

Previously, all ESD needs were met through glue down ESD flooring.  These floors are permanently installed over a prepared subfloor and glued to make sure they did not slip or come loose.   The adhesives would need to be conductive and include either copper foil strips or underlayment.  These floors are then coated with a special ESD wax that would need to be stripped and reapplied monthly.  The maintenance of cleaning and keeping the floors up to proper ESD standards is extensive, and the installation of the floor takes time since the subfloor needs to be prepared and the adhesive needs to

Cleanliness is a perception to quality.

Advancements into interlocking ESD flooring, FreeStyle ESD Flooring, brought ease of installation.  Installing interlocking ESD flooring is much easier compared to glue down because the sub floor needs significantly less preparation.  If the floor is generally even, interlocking flooring can be installed over small cracks and other abrasions.  Instead of copper foil or underlayment, a ground can be placed every 1,000 square feet where convenient.  This is all done with no adhesive, meaning the floor can be installed and then immediately used without having to dry.  Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of interlocking ESD flooring is that it is modular.  These floors can be picked up, moved and installed again, making flooring not just an improvement to a building, but a true investment.

An added benefit is that interlocking tiles do not have high moisture problems that glue down floors struggle with.

Interlocking ESD flooring provided a new ease of installation and now FreeStyle ESD PLUS has combined interlocking technology with a conductive urethane finish to eliminate the need to monthly wax the floors.  These floors are easy to clean, and without the need to constantly wax the floor, significantly reduce the maintenance required.  As with all premium products, this benefit increases the initial costs of the flooring, making glue down a tempting alternative.  However, the question is then asked, “How do you want to pay, up front or with time through maintenance?”