The Empire of Engineered Floors

Engineered Floors may be perhaps the fastest growing flooring company in the U.S. if not the world.  With the recent acquisition of all Bolyu’s assets, Bob Shaw has set Engineered Floors up to propel itself as a top contender to be the industry leader.  Both Engineered Floors and Bolyu were industry leaders before, and now that they have merged together, new history will be made under the banner of Bob Shaw and Engineered Floors.

The Full Production of Engineered Floors

Before purchasing Bolyu, Engineered Floors was an successful company, having established itself as the 6th largest US flooring manufacturer in 2016 (combined with Bolyu, Engineered Floors will be looking at an excess of $1 billion in sales).  Already Engineered Floors has been building a state-of-the-art 520,000 square foot carpet tile facility.  This facility will incorporate manufacturing for Engineered Floors Contract division as well as for J&J and other divisions.  In addition, Engineered Floors has the infrastructure and business practices that led them to become of the industry leaders.  This has now been combined with all the incredible assets of Bolyu.  Even with these sizable resources, perhaps the greatest is Engineered Floors’ leadership.

Engineered Floors new Carpet Tile mill scheduled to open this year.

Engineered Floors has Leaders with a Titanic Vision of the Future

Engineered Floors was established in 2009 by Bob Shaw, who previously founded Shaw Industries.  It only took 7 years from Engineered Floors inception to become the 6th largest manufacturer.  This was done through experience, capital, and a unique understanding of the market.   Bob Shaw knows what it is like to be at the pinnacle of the flooring world.  With only 9 years in the market so far, EF is already in the top 3 US manufacturers of flooring.  It seems that Engineered Floors will settle for nothing less than a legacy of being a titan of the flooring industry.  History will be made again.

“There’s no way to succeed by doing things the same way as the others. You have to offer something new.” ~Bob Shaw