The definition of WPC is as misleading as they come.  WPC stands for Wood Plastic Composite, but if you go looking for any wood, you might be disappointed.  The composition is mostly composite material made from plastic, calcium carbonate and wood flour, or ground up wood particles.  The more common definition for WPC is waterproof core, and that’s what makes it special.

A WPC vinyl floor is completely waterproof because of well, its core.  This special composite is made to be completely non-absorbent, while also being dimensionally stables, and unlikely to expand or contract as most non-WPC vinyl floors tend to do.

The difference between WPC and traditional LVT don’t stop there.  WPC is:

  • Dimensionally Stable: Subfloor imperfections tend to show through LVT because of how flexible it is, but because of the thick, more rigid core, these imperfections are absorbed. This becomes an advantage for the WPC because there is much less subfloor preparation needed.
  • Beautiful in its Silence: The EVA foam pad found on Contract Legend has a IIC rating of 60-65dB making it an incredibly sound absorbent floor. This prevents most sound transfer from one floor to another and even one room to another.
  • Comfortable: WPC is a much thicker product than LVT and each layer of its thickness provides increased shock absorbency, making it much more comfortable to stand on than thinner LVT products, let alone natural wood or stone that is also not as resilient.

WPC products are in the category of LVT, but not all LVT is WPC.  WPC can be thought of as the premium of LVT floors, and continues to have the benefits of low maintenance and high durability, all the while bringing new important benefits to the flooring industry.

What is Contract Legend?

Contract Legend is the ultimate WPC surface, designed specifically for the commercial market.  It was developed by experience to marry the best benefits of the WPC family with the most competitive price points.  This bond is held together by its unique and sleek aesthetic designs constantly updated to keep up with the everchanging whirlwind of flooring fashion.

Contract Legend 7.5mm Luxury Vinyl includes 4-sided click locking technology on its 7”x48” planks that removes the need for adhesive to save on installation time.  It is so dimensionally stable that it can be installed as a floating floor (flooring installed on top of other existing flooring).  This is because of the rigid properties of the Waterproof Core layer. With a wear layer of 20 mil, it boasts some of the highest protection against scratching and wear that the market has to offer.