Tarkett Sports Indoor Presents a New Product Offering for Omnisports

Tarkett Sports Indoor has redesigned its core product offering of Omnisports to set a new bar of quality to surpass the previous level they set before.  Continuing to provide the best performance, safety and ease of maintenance, Omnisports delivers another slam dunk with their new 7.1mm, 9.4mm, and 12mm options.  When the way you play matters, nothing delivers like Omnisports.

Omnisports 7.1mm

The most popular option, Omnisports 7.1 is the best multi-purpose flooring option available.  Omnisports 7.1mm provides class 2 shock absorbency, making it a great option for basketball and volley.  Omnisports 7.1mm is a perfect pick for multipurpose rooms being able to accommodate tables and chairs due to its amazing indentation recovery.  It provides the option of a formal event followed by a competitive game making it perfect for schools and community centers.

Omnisports 9.4mm

Omnisports 9.4mm is the ultimate quality for multi-purpose use, providing a top of the line surface for basketball and volleyball, while still being available for multi-purpose use. Omnisports 9.4mm provides class 3 shock absorbency, bringing a whole new level of performance.  This product is great for facilities that primarily focus on basketball and/or volleyball while still needing to provide the occasional multi-use event. Omnisports 9.4mm is perfect for high schools and universities where events like these might occur.

Omnisports 12mm

A very special product, Omnisports 12mm was designed for competitive basketball and volleyball fitness training centers. Omnisports 12mm provides class 4 shock absorbency, a unique and previously unheard of option in the synthetic product lines.  This ultimate court surface supports only basketball and volleyball at the highest quality. The product is so thick, that tables and chairs are not recommended to be used with this material. However, this product brings the absolute best possible performance, even rivaling the traditional maple floors, but with none of the expensive upkeep as its wooden maple cousin.

There is No Substitute for Quality

From Jr. High multi-use facilities to hardcore basketball and volley training centers, Omnisports provides the absolute best quality, performance and upkeep.  Custom thicknesses ensure that the Omnisports floor is the best product for the need.  With its versatility to fill almost any sports floor need, including yoga, dance and even martial arts, Omnisports has established itself as the number one name in indoor sports floors. For a sports floor that will truly be remembered, win with Omnisports.