The Future is Now: Medical Flooring

By Geoffrey Potts June 15, 2017

Hospitals universally represent a place of healing, a place that promises to bring the best care and resources modern technology has to offer.  MRI’s, X-Ray machines and even the Star Trek Tricorder have been developed just for this purpose.  Advancements have been made in every field to promote healing, wellness and comfort, and it all starts from the ground up.  Here are 3 floors that emphasize how modern medical advancement helps keep patients safe and healthy.

real tricorder

Real life tricorders are about to start consumer testing.

Vinyl Resilient Flooring

Vinyl Resilient Flooring is a versatile floor that emphasizes what a hospital floor should be, from its non-porous design to its sleek look.  TAJ provides Majestic, a luxury vinyl sheet flooring that has been proven to meet ASTM F925 for medical standards.  This floor goes above and beyond the standards, providing improved air quality when compared to other possible floors.  With a 1100 psi load, it can stand up to the carts filled with life saving machinery rolling over it constantly.  A new ceramic bead finish provides incredibly durable scratch resistance.  This finish is also antibacterial and antifungal.  TAJ Majestic is also known for its acoustic performance, dampening sounds to provide comfort.  Finally, vinyl resilient flooring reminds patients of home, with warm wood patterns that can be found in most houses.

taj hospital

TAJ’s Majestic flooring provides flooring to create quiet environments while providing excellent comfort underfoot.

wineo PURline

Our world has been moving towards safe organic food.  Highly regarded as more pure, food that has not been treated with chemicals is appealing.  Mats Inc. wineo PURLine brings the same appeal to floors, creating an entirely new flooring category.  PURline is made from botanol, which is composed of canola oil, castor oil and chalk.  It is Greenguard certified for low emissions, boasting a 90% composition of natural and raw materials.  The non-porous nature provides antibacterial properties.  With up to 4dB sound reduction and 1450 psi suitable for rolling loads, PURline fits well in the healthcare world, and has the awards to prove it.

purline hospital waiting room

“PURline is an excellent choice for education, hospitals and medical facilities where sanitation and cleanliness are of the upmost importance.” -Healthcare Facilities Today

Rikett Quartz Tile

Rikett Quartz Tile is an incredibly durable floor, able to withstand a PSI of 3,500, and it is built to last.  Made from 70% natural quartz, which is a chemically inert substance, RQT is easy to maintain and boasts incredibly lower lifecycle costs than other floors and includes a 20 year warranty.  Not only durable, RQT is health oriented, being phthalate free to provide better indoor air quality.  This homogeneous surface has low absorption rates and is highly stain resistant, keeping its original color against most spills and chemicals.  RQT also has the benefit of being a rapidly renewable sustainable floor, attributing to Leed points.

rikett hospital

Rikett Quartz Tile is durable enough to outlast most resilient floors while providing long lasting savings over the years.

Some Things Never Change

Hospitals strive for many things, but providing the safest environment possible for their patients should be at the top of the list.  That never changes.  It all starts with the flooring and the floors listed here all provide health benefits. Not only are these floors safe, but they only require low chemical cleaners and a scrubber to keep clean and pristine.  They help patients to feel safe and at home, both visually and audibly.  These floors work with employees, letting carts roll smoothly, creating a clean, comfortable and safe environment for everyone.  New technology may bring new amazing products, but high standards in safety, comfort and convenience are timeless.